Funky3s 3D Body Parts for Procreate Tattoo Artists

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Ideal for Tattoo Artists. Drawing on a flat surface is great but doesn't always help with conceptualizing how a design will fit or flow on a persons body.

These 3d Models can be imported into Procreate where you can use your digital painting know how to design right on top of various parts of the body. It's even possible for the artwork to be exported to a 2d image for stencil!

Please note I'm just an artist learning along the way and these are just breadcrumbs to help others along their own journey. Hopefully you find these useful! Cheers and go Funk Yourself

I want this!

You'll get access to female & male full body, arms, legs, head, & torso 3d Objects for use with Procreate. Ideal for Tatoo Artists

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